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If you require perfection, you never will. I do not-I have no right to require it, as being so far from perfect myself. Here the conversation was interrupted by a watercart lumbering past us, biografias buscador de we were now come to the busy part of the sands; and, for the next eight or ten minutes, between carts and horses, and asses, and men, there was little room for social intercourse, till we had turned our backs upon the sea, and begun to ascend the precipitous road leading into the town. Here my companion offered me biografias buscador de arm, which I accepted, though not with the intention of using it as a support. You dont often come on to the sands, I think, said he, for I have walked there many times, both morning and evening, since I came, and never seen you till now; and several times, in passing through the town, too, I have looked about for your school-but I did not think of the-Road; and once or twice I made inquiries, but without obtaining the requisite information.
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